Jockey® Elance® French Cut 3-Pack
Jockey® Elance® Bikini 3-Pack

Jockey® Elance® Plus Size French Cut 3-Pack

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Type: French Cut
SKU: 14850-100-2XL
The Jockey® Elance® Plus Size French Cut puts a layer of luxurious cotton next to your skin, making what you wear next to it extra comfy. The classic fabric offers softness plus breathability, so it not only feels good as you put it on, it keeps feeling good, whether you’re in the middle of a crazy or lazy day. It’s uniquely designed to give you the coverage and support you want, with a higher rise on the hips to help create a smoother look and allow greater freedom of movement. Now available in a convenient 3 pack.
  • Full rise and coverage
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash and dry